Building Automation Systems for Higher Education:

The modern higher education building is a complex network of facilities that require constant attention to maintain health and comfort. Our solutions help you control the environment inside your classroom as well as outside, such as air quality or temperature controls for staff and student comfort.

Our advanced building control systems provide only what’s necessary so cost-saving energy efficiency measures can be implemented across all areas – saving both time spent on repairs AND money saved from reduced spending per annum.”

Building Automation Systems for Higher Education
Improving Learning through Optimized Environments

Improving Learning through Optimized Environments

If you’re looking for a way to optimize your learning environment, look no further than AES, Inc. Our building automation solutions make facilities more sustainable, efficient, and effective through improved operations. You’ll be able to manage air quality in tandem with temperature levels from one interface; monitor an entire campus through connected devices that report back their data automatically – without human intervention- respond quickly when alerts arise (or don’t hesitate if there’s an emergency!), ensuring the best possible experience at every turn.


AES, Inc. offers state-of-the-art solutions to control temperature, humidity and CO2 in your facility. Our systems enable you to monitor all elements from one location allowing staff to manage the environment from one central interface. We understand how important a comfortable learning environment is as well; our team is always available 24/7 with customer service if there ever arises an issue.